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Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services | Air Duct Cleaning La Mesa, CA

Signs It Needs Cleaning!

There are a few signals to keep an eye out for concerning whether it's time to get your dryer's vent checked! Pay attention to how long it takes for your clothes to dry, especially if you have to extend the cycle. If it's taking more time than it used to, it's likely a dirty vent that's the culprit. Due to this, you may also notice your energy spending has started to rise, which is another indication. Most importantly, always check for any burning smells. If you notice them, immediately turn off your dryer and refrain from using it again until the vent is cleared.

Why Does It Matter?

Your dryer's vent may not seem like the most pressing issue when it comes to your home's needs, but it is! Those aforementioned longer run times are due to the air struggling to get through the clogged vent, hence it taking longer and wasting the energy that you pay for. Your clothes can also be battered thanks to the extended cycle and come apart over time. The biggest issue, however, is that of safety. The lint and other substances stuck in the vent can begin to burn from the high temperatures and spark a flame that can damage your home if not worse! That's why it's best to clean your vent regularly.

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With years of experience and a vast knowledge of the most popular brands, our experts will be able to take care of your dryer's vent in no time! We'll get the job done right, and fast as well, so your busy schedule won't be delayed for long. We use high-quality equipment to take care of getting your vent pristine again and will carefully dispose of the lint and otherwise so that there won't be any mess to worry about or risk of cross-contamination.

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