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Dirty Air Ducts Create Bad Indoor Air Quality

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Dirty Air Ducts Create Bad Indoor Air Quality

Dirty Air Ducts Create Bad Indoor Air Quality, La Mesa

Is the air in your property clean? How can you tell? There are many different contaminants in every home or workplace, all of which have the potential to cause serious health problems for occupants. From mold growing in air ducts to lead paint, loose insulation material, and dust, there are a lot of health problems caused by tiny things we can’t even see. The consequences of poor indoor air quality can be severe - contaminants and pollutants in your property can originate from many different sources, with the potential to cause or exacerbate respiratory diseases. With dirty air ducts, indoor air quality gradually worsens as more and more particles float through the different rooms. From dust to pollens to pet dandruff, these airborne contaminants can agitate respiratory systems and aggravate allergies.

Why Air Quality Matters

Humans are designed to tolerate a little bit of pollution in the air - when outside, this isn’t such a big problem, because we’re exposed for just a little bit of time. Whether that’s the office or home, we breathe the same air over and over again. This repeated exposure that takes place in small spaces means that whatever’s in the air gets into our bodies in much more concentrated quantities. Pollution that might not pose a problem outside can be severely problematic inside. The air you breathe day in and day out travels through your lungs and throat. Poor air quality indoors means more airborne particles you’re inhaling. These can create inflammations, cause respiratory tract issues, and even settle in your lungs. Therefore, you want to keep your La Mesa air ducts clean throughout the year, thus ensuring you breathe fresh and not stale air.

Sources of Dirty Air Ducts

The scariest thing about poor air quality is that you won’t know that you’ve got it. Spores, dust, and contaminants don’t show up in the atmosphere, so you could be breathing anything without realizing it. Plenty of buildings still have lead paint or mold somewhere, that’s giving off toxic chemicals or spores into the air. Of particular concern are contaminant sources within the air vents - anything in here will be spread quickly all around the building. With certain seasons, more pollens float around and can settle inside your air ducts. With home renovations and remodeling, dust in the air gets trapped inside the ductwork. Wetness and air duct leaks can cause mold to develop. Small debris, dirt, and dust accumulate inside the air ducts of your La Mesa property. Because of this, it’s important to have at least an annual cleaning of the air ducts and HVAC system.

Dirty Air Duct Cleaning For La Mesa Properties

Bad quality of indoor air is a real problem, especially for anyone at risk of respiratory diseases such as the young and old. Make sure the air in your property is clean and breathable. Get help today from HVAC cleaning experts near you and optimize the air quality inside homes, offices, hotel rooms, or other properties. The team at Air Duct Cleaning La Mesa can help with a range of vacuuming and HVAC cleaning services. Give us a call anytime 7-days a week to schedule an appointment.


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